Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (DACS)



Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS)

Client Need: To augment homeland security and prepare for potential threats to Florida’s citizens and resources, Florida DACS needed to rapidly identify, locate, and notify its employees, it’s emergency contacts, and the emergency contacts of other regulated facilities during emergencies. To solve this problem, Florida DCAS initiated a Geospatial Data Integration (GDI) Project.

Our Solution: E24X7INC provided a Database Architect, Database Analyst, Business Analyst, and Contract Manager to verify the business needs and create the technical requirements for the GDI Project. Our team created the user test cases and developed, deployed, and documented the system processes.


111 Yvonne Ct Havana, FL 32333  |  (850) 539-0460 | info@e24x7inc.com



111 Yvonne Ct Havana, FL 32333  |  (850) 539-0460 | info@e24x7inc.com