Division of Water Resource Management: SWAPP



Florida Department of Environment Protection (DEP), Division of Water Resource Management (DWRM): SWAPP

Client Need: The DWRM Water Information Technology Services (WITS) office needed a Project Manager experienced with environmental data and DEP IT Standards to manage the Source Water Assessment and Protection Program (SWAPP) application development projects.

Our Solution: E24X7INC provided a DEP experienced Project Manager that had prior experience managing DEP IT projects and was familiar with water quality data. The project manager developed and managed the project plan and project schedule. The PM coordinated with the broad number of stakeholders and produced status reports and conducted status meetings for a variety of management levels. The PM drafted and submitted budget and staffing proposals as needed and proactively managed and mitigated project risks. The project completed on schedule.


111 Yvonne Ct Havana, FL 32333  |  (850) 539-0460 | info@e24x7inc.com



111 Yvonne Ct Havana, FL 32333  |  (850) 539-0460 | info@e24x7inc.com