Welcome to the new Enterprise 24×7 Inc. Employee Portal! We have been working for several months to put together the layout and assemble the materials for your Employee Portal. This will be our central means for keeping you updated with new position & referral opportunities, company events and State Office closures. Below the Announcements section are documents that you will find useful as an employee!

  • Department of Labor Policies documents (E.g. Minimum wage Worker’s Comp, etc.)
  • 401K Documents (Forms and Summary Plan Description)
  • Benefits Documents (Booklets from the providers with overview of the plan benefits)
  • HR Forms (Benefits Enrollment Forms, I9 Form, W4 Form, etc.)

These links will be updated as our coverages change and to stay current with the new federal forms. It is our hope that this centralized access will keep the information that is important to you readily available!