Team, We have granted Paychex online access to you. This will allow you to view your pay check online, make changes to your deductions, direct deposit and address changes. Please follow the guidelines below on the process to register and refer to the documents in the Portal under Paychex.

Newly added to the portal are three guidance documents for you to use when registering for Paychex access. There is a fourth document to guide you through adding the Paychex Flex App to your phone.

Employee Online Flex Registration – Power Point slides process on how to register.
Signing up for an Account – step by step process written out procedures on how to register.
Viewing Your Payroll Information – guides you through how to view your monthly payroll information.
Paychex Flex Phone App – provides guidance as to how to add the app to your phone to provide you access to Paychex to update your timecard, see your check and make changes if needed.